Small Groups for Growing in Discipleship

For people looking for the opportunity to broaden their understanding of discipleship, to deepen their knowledge of the scriptures and to share friendship and fellowship with others, we offer participation in our small groups program. Whatever your level of Christian commitment and understanding you will find yourself most welcome and soon realize that you have both something to give and something to learn.

Group Size
With between 8 to 12 people in each group, we're finding that people enjoy interaction with each other, sharing opinions and experience, searching the scriptures in a friendly and supportive environment.

Groups usually meet in someone's home where warm, friendly hospitality is appreciated.

Each group has leaders who facilitate the studies and encourage a sense of shared fellowship.

Access to resource materials is offered through the Growing in Discipleship Team, which coordinates the Small Groups Program. Groups also are encouraged to select or recommend topics, themes and materials for their gatherings.

Meeting Times
Several groups are available and additional groups form from time to time. Current meeting times are:

Thursday evenings: meets monthly
Friday evenings: meets fortnightly

Further Information


Church Office. Telephone: 9416 5185.