Same sex marriage

Same sex marriage

In the light of the decision by the Uniting Church National Assembly in July, Roseville Uniting Church is delighted to be able to celebrate with those who wish to marry, regardless of gender and sexuality.

At the national assembly the Uniting Church resolved to adopt two parallel descriptions of our understanding of marriage, recognising that within the Church diverse views are, and can be, held with integrity and with respect for one another. As a result of this decision Churches and Ministers will be free to decide whether or not they will perform same-sex marriages, and whether they wish to adopt new language for the marriage service or retain the traditional words.

Our moderator, Simon Hansford, wrote of this decision:

I realise that it will be difficult for some to accept, while for others it will be a time for which they have long waited. I encourage you to hear that the Assembly seeks to be respectful to the faith of the faithful, to scripture, and to reason and experience.
It is clear that different understandings on marriage in the church are sincerely and faithfully held. The resolution is a way we can find a place to be together; to be open to every faithful disciple who holds a view different from our own.

I, at least, look forward to the new opportunities that this decision open up for us to share the love and welcome of Jesus Christ with all.

Past president Andrew Dutney, one of the authors of the proposal upon which this decision was based, has written a reflection here.

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