Cautiously reopening

Cautiously reopening

As NSW opens up, we at Roseville Uniting Church will be taking a cautious, staged approach to returning to face-to-face worship and other activities.

From Sunday October 31st we will have a limited opening of the Church. Capacity limits will apply, masks are required, and no singing is permitted. We would encourage anyone who is not vaccinated, or is in a high-risk category, to seriously consider whether it would be wiser to remain online; we would also invite those who are comfortable online to remain in that mode to reduce numbers in the Church. If you are unwell in any way you should not attend.

From Sunday December 5th we anticipate being able to remove the mask requirement and relax the rules on singing and capacity limits, and look forward to more members of the congregation joining us in person. We will continue to stream our services on the website for the foreseeable future.

Other Church activities will be gradually restarting as they are able to do so safely; please note that until December 1st the Public Health Order requires that adults can only attend if vaccinated (with the exception of worship services). Rules for children are more complicated, but unvaccinated children from vaccinated families are generally able to attend.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

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