Social Justice

Inspired by the good news of Jesus Christ, the Roseville Asylum Seeker and Refugee Support Group works in practical ways to support refugees in Australia and campaign for national policies which better reflect the love and welcome of Jesus Christ
In addition to our own refugee support group, we work in partnership with a range of other organisations involved in making real and lasting change. These partnerships arise from our passionate committement to working for justice for all God’s people.
The Asylum Seekers Centre provides practical and personal support for people seeking asylum living in the community.
Christians collaborating for a world free of poverty and injustice. Because every person matters. Because every person is beloved by God and invited to a life that is whole and hopeful. As an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia, UnitingWorld connects Australian people to God’s work in the wider world.
IJM works collaboratively with local partners to create justice system transformation, in the quest to free the world of modern day slavery.
TEAR Australia is a movement of Christians in Australia responding to the needs of poor communities around the world. Our motivation comes from our belief that God loves all people, and in Christ offers them the opportunity of a new life. We believe that God is just, and has particular care for the poor and those who suffer as victims of injustice.
As part of the ACT Alliance, Act for Peace works with local partners around the world, saving lives when disaster strikes and helping to build long-term change.
We dream of an Australia where everyone who lives in our regional and remote areas are cared for and supported, and have a mantle of safety and wellbeing. Frontier Services are the people who turn up out of the blue to lend an ear, give a helping hand, and be of service.